Club Framery

Club Framery offers its customers and partners memorable evening events at trade fairs around the world.

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Feb 2019

Furniture and light fair

As is customary, Club Framery hosted an evening to remember during the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This year’s event was titled ‘The Big Night Out’, a dazzling party full of bubbling, exhilarating entertainment. The venue was the charmingly extravagant, historically fascinating Nalen in the centre of downtown Stockholm. It is a well-known venue with a colourful history filled with jazz music and ballroom dances. The big musical attraction of the party was the excellent Boston Promenade big band with the dazzling Nina Söderqvist, their fantastic repertoire and virtuotic musical flair was sure to move everyone attending the special event.

Oct 2018


The 4th Club Framery event took place in Cologne. The participants of Orgatec had the unique chance to witness a traditional German Kneipe transform into something completely different. Our theme for the night was “Der Klub” and the aim was to give the participants a peek into the underground after a long day at the trade fair. Once again we succeeded in providing top-notch surroundings for a care-free, immersive night of after-fair partying.

Jun 2018


The 3rd Club Framery event was held in Chicago during NeoCon, the most important event of the year for the commercial design industry. The event took place in Howl at the Moon – Chicagos’s distinguished party
oasis, with top-of-the-line live music, food, drinks and an all-nighter attitude, sure to refresh every trade show -goer in town.

Feb 2018

Furniture and light fair

The 2nd Club Framery event was held at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in Sturecompagniet – one of Sweden’s oldest and most legendary nightclub venues – in the heart of Stureplan, the winter “night city”. Magicians, acrobats and marvelous Abba-themed live music was featured!

Sep 2017

Framery World Conference

Club Framery was launched during the World Conference at Framery’s headquarters. The event featured duet Eva & Manu, and rocking grooves by the Ville Hovi Quartet band. Performer of the evening, mesmerizing aerialist Katja Kortström, had the audience completely captivated.